Consulting Services & Education

Got questions about rum? Or looking for rum education that goes deeper than the basics? I offer personal and corporate consulting, as well as customized training on a wide spectrum of topics. I’ve collaborated with and provided training for many of the best-known companies in rum today.

Consulting Examples

  • Reviewing brand materials for accuracy and potential issues.

  • Starting a brand and need an overview of the market and its players.

  • Reviewing articles and book content for technical accuracy.

  • Background research on rum-related topics.

  • Advice on selecting rums for a bar - home and commercial.

  • Reviewing course materials and presentations.

  • Categorization advice for a competition or article.


  • Predefined training modules delivered 1-on-1 over Zoom at a fixed price. Approximately 60-75 each.

  • Customized and in person training

To find out more, including hourly rates, email